Your Partner

Flywheel Capital is your partner in creating generational wealth through vertically integrated commercial real estate investments, property management, and asset development. We are proud of the results our portfolio of risk-mitigated, stabilized, hidden-value, and diverse Colorado assets has shown.

Your growth is our growth.

Your Advantage

Our forward-thinking team collaborates with industry stakeholders and experts to unearth those diamonds in the rough—underutilized and underinvested assets with exceptional potential. Our creatively opportunistic strategy and proven risk-mitigation is our hallmark.

Our edge gives you the edge.

Your Values

We value long-term relationships and financial growth strategies, both of which require integrity, competency, hard work, positive outlooks, and high ethical standards. Because of who we are—enjoyers of work and life, can-doers, adaptable, and genuine—we attract the same.

We earn your trust.

Your Place

We know that developing healthy communities is integral to quality property management and strong-yield investing. We strive to create positive social and economic impacts with every project we undertake.

Investing returns more than money.

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Flywheel Capital is committed to every community in which we operate.  
Some of the key not-for-profit organizations we support include: